Friday, February 28, 2014

ψhat εyεs rεvεal

spoken in her eyes 

Though her lips say she doesn't
her eyes say she still does
love him. 
She looks at him like
she looks at
no one else.
It's cliché,
but her eyes do sparkle
and light up
when she sees him.
When she talks to him,
she can't help but smile,
and her eyes are open wide
and attentive to every feature
of his face. 
She finds that if she isn't with him,
her feelings tend to go away,
yet some unnerving longing
to be with him
silently creeps along the corners
of her heart.
And when she spends more time
with him,
that unspoken love itches its way
back into her mind,
invading every minuscule crevice
it can find.
And she misses him
She still finds herself
staring at him
across the way when she sees him.
She always notices him
and continually rebukes herself for
thinking about him.
But she reminds herself
of the reasons they can
no longer
be together,
though it only provides some aid
in defending
her emotions.
But that unceasing love
still manages to appear,
and her eyes
tell the whole story. 


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